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By: Gary Glauber

Photo by Andres Giusto on Unsplash

Picturesque afternoon into evening,
further proof of my own misgivings.
Have I willfully misled her?
Sounds of crashing waves
allow minds to wander.

Howard thinks she’s vapid,
incapable of tackling philosophical queries
that regularly riddle our conversations.
She dislikes his superior attitude
that she feels was never earned.
For my sake, she tolerates him.

Her genuine affection is hard to resist.
Companionship beats lonely independence.
Every. Single. Time.

That day on the beach is therapeutic.
As former lifeguard, sandy beach
is her natural habitat,
bathing suit a second skin.
She packs sandwiches that reaffirm
her expertise in appealing
to one’s taste buds.
Best assets all on display.

We cuddle under blanket,
ignored by stragglers
still wandering the beach.
With incredible sunset
& warm breeze wafting,
it is easy to pretend
we are well-suited.
Yet inevitable
& haunting heartbreak
hovers like clouds
on distant horizon.


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