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Meeting of the Minds and other poems by Yevgeniya Przhebelskaya

By: Yevgeniya Przhebelskaya

Photo by Margarida CSilva on Unsplash
  1. A – Woman – Poet

A woman wants to give and lead,
A poet wants to write and read.
For poet – peace and audience,
For woman – love and sustenance.

A poet is impulsive, free,
A woman is a busy bee.
How can she prioritize
When leader or a poet rise
To make a better better world?
The job needs both,
Or so I’m told.

2. Meeting of the Minds

I’m stuck in the bathroom,
with my autoimmune illness,
but also in the company of Henri Nouwen,
and The Genesee Diary.
Great company makes the journey short, even pleasant. I take notes.

When I’m dead and famous – like Emily Dickinson –
my poems might land in someone’s bathroom –
a chain letter from papyrus to Facebook
of quiet reflections on Grace.

I bow and seize the day.

3. Congratulations, Graduate

It is joy,
and it is sorrow,
pride, accomplishment and fame –
looking forward to tomorrows,
looking forward to new heights.

Graduating kindergarten,
graduating graduate school,
moving up the corporate ladder,
or not knowing where the road leads.

Wishing you a joyful journey,
wishing you a steady pace;
congratulations on your graduation,
have a most fantastic day!

4. Sweet Good By

Oh dear old friend
My cardiologist, psychiatrist,
Massage therapist and worst
Thing before bed.
Its time
We’ve shared a parting kiss.

I will miss you bitterly
Every day I choose tea
Herbal mostly
But sometimes
I will cheat
Get a mild caffeine kick
From a green mint tea,
Your Impostor
from Trader Joes.


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