Oblivion and other poems by Mary Bone

By: Mary Bone


Photo by Logan Troxell on Unsplash

  1. Oblivion

Sharp pencils
Blank pages
Waiting for inspiration-
I throw paint,
Write words
And they bounce
Off the walls
Into oblivion.


2. Diamonds in the Sky

The diamonds that caught my eye,
Weren’t found in a jewelry store,
They cost more than money can buy.
When I look up into the sky-
The diamonds are the stars galore.

3. Crime doesn’t pay

I keep on working for a dollar,
Each and every day.
Sometimes I shout and holler,
But, I still have bills to pay.
Sometimes you find out the hard way
As we are living from day to day-
That crime doesn’t pay.

4. The Box

My friend brought in “the box” one day
It was filled with “gleanings” from yesterday.
Memories and hopes, longings and dreams-
When you open “the box” your face just beams.

5. Savoring Summer

I couldn’t say goodbye to summer,
With my shorts on and a ponytail.
I rode on a boat
And the wind whipped up a gale.
I was savoring summer memories,
One by one they glided by.
I finally said goodbye to summer
With a tear in my eye.


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