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‘Love’ and other poems by Jimmy Sharma

By: Jimmy Sharma



Love is not wanted or needed
It is the exuberance like the way tiny rain
Droplets create a stir in your soul
The vibration is not planned
It resonates then and there
Then it stays forever
You don’t give love
You don’t receive it—it is not an object
Love is when you get back to your own self.

They say, “Name it first. Then enter the shrine of love.”
I say, “We name what we own. I don’t owe him
I breathe him like one inhales the air
Do people name the bond they have with air?”


The Waiting

Will you wait?
Till I traverse the deep recesses of your soul
Till I make the stars of your eyes shine with my love
Till I explore the universe of your heart that makes me look like mine
Till I forget my “I” and drink your “You”
Till I make you feel the same
Till I remember the long lost touch of our previous births
That we will continue our voyage
With the sail of satiating silences to experience
The subliminal eternity
That we’d submerge in.



Your eyes speak ineffable utterances
Captivate my heart
I look
I marvel
I am spell-bound perpetually
I am dyeing my heart with their speech
I love the dazzle of your eyes
I love and I die
I die and I love
We are not bodies to be claimed
I am your essence
You are mine.



You came like wind but stayed like dream
Sometimes soothing
Sometimes disturbing
Sometimes I inhale even the harshness
Sometimes I feel you throughout
Varying moods with constant existence make life worth living.

You want to be written as a spontaneous dewdrop
That shines after the blowing of hot and cold breezes
I will promise to keep this dewdrop intact
Your image is captured forever in my mind
Don’t mistake me for romance
I am not a crude feeling
I am an ethereal bond.


If you fall in love

Do you actually in love fall?
If it is so
How can it be love?
If it is love
It will never let you fall
When you rise above self
You rise in love
I don’t belong to this world
I belong to love
I am an ageless, free-spirited essence
Don’t bind me in gender, caste or form.


Jimmy Sharma teaches English Literature and Communicative English at Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, Haryana (India). She did her Ph D on the fiction of Amitav Ghosh from Panjab University, Chandigarh. She is the author of four books: Communicative English, Communicative English-I, Nayantara Sahgal: A Critical Study and Echoes Within:A Collection of Poems.



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