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By: Amirah Al- Wassif 


Once upon a time, in a very far land
which called Orshalim, there were three innocent boys sitting at the center of the immense fig tree.
The three cheerful boys were Ali, Peter and Abraham, were playing with their poor toys with no stop, as their playthings were very old and dirty, they had tried all the time to imagine their toys clean and new, by this way, they could feel better and continued playing with joy.
one night, the three boys gathered around a mysterious massive thing.
The strange thing started moving from side to side, it was surrounded from alley to alley.
Ali, Peter and Abraham had looked at the moving thing deeply, they were watching how this weird thing dancing and jumping without taking a rest.
When this big moving thing shook all the trees around them, the friendly boys approached too much from it, at this time, all of them saw the real thing, it was a flying plate, full of the most splendid, and delicious kinds of the desserts.
The boys were taken by the extraordinary behavior of this flying plate, they watched it closely, then the marvelous desserts which were found in the plate, rolled and performed a crazy dance, each piece of this wonder candy went out from the plate, landed suddenly and jumped on the three boy’s toes.
Ali, Peter and Abraham became very frightened and astonished, so, they had stopped for a long time, look and look, they waited all the night, and did not go home.
Now this long night spent, and the boys still sitting down next to the magnificent plate, but when the sun arrived to its position in the sky, the flying plate which full of desserts had been disappeared.
“oh! Where is the plate?”. Ali cried with fear.
“I cannot believe my eyes “. Peter whispered to himself, and Abraham said in a loud tone, “it looks like a dream”.
The three boys were talking, and talking, they were not sure if they saw a true flying plate with a wonder candy which could dance and jump in all sides.
Ali, Peter and Abraham went to their home, as the three kind boys were neighbours.
They reached to their country Orshalim, and gathered together in the common yard, then they kissed and hugged each other, and all of them said “good bye” in a peaceful voice.
But the cutest boys did not know the harsh matter that waits them in their houses.
When the boys knocked their doors at the same time, their mothers opened quickly, and each boy entered his house, and each door had been closed.
After that, the three mothers asked their boys about the reason of their delay on this night, their mothers would punish them if they would not respond, so, the boys told them about the wonderful flying plate, and they talked for a long hour describing its desserts, and its crazy dance, but their mothers did not believe them, and all of them decided to punish the three boys.
The punishment was very, very hard for the boys, because it prevented them from playing, and going to any place together again.
Ali, peter and Abraham, were very angry and felt bad cause they used to go to the wide garden every night where the wonder flying plate was, but their mothers did not believe what they said, and saw all this story as a lies from their children.
So, the three boys were punished for many days, and they did not go to anywhere.
Peter was thinking all these days about a magical solution for their problem, he asked himself more and more how could they prove the flying plate truth for their mothers?
Finally, Peter reached to a good idea, these ones may help them.
Peter decided to go to Ali and Abraham houses, as he wanted to call them, and told their fellows about his new plan.
Peter went to Abrahams house, he knocked softly on the glass window, wishing Abrahams mother does not see him.
Now, Abraham knows the new plan, then they decided to go to Ali house and told him too, after minutes the boys were on their way to the garden where the flying plate sitting on the center of the massive fig tree.
The boys arrived to the tree, and started watching the splendid plate, they were very delighted because of its charm, but suddenly Peter remembered their new plan to the flying plate truth to their mothers, and said to Ali and Abraham these words in quick:
“carry me, carry me, we shall get this plate, we shall hold it and show it wonder ability for our mothers to believe us, and would not punish us again”.
Ali and Abraham were very excited, so they started doing.
Peter had been carried by his fellows, he tried to touch the plate which found in the center of the fig tree, but when he closed to it the plate disappeared.
Peter repeated his trying many times, but in every time, the plate seemed to be hidden from the boy’s eyes.
They did not know what the logical reason of what happened, however, they could not stop for trying.
This night also spent, and the boys had failed in catching the wonder plate, so, they felt very tired.
Suddenly, all of them fell down, Peter leg had been broken, and Ali trouser had been torn, only Abraham was, well, for that reason, he helped his friends to go to home rapidly.
As the first time, mothers of the boys punished them, but this time the matter was worse , because all the people in Orshalim repeated that Ali, Peter and Abraham are liars, and because of their lies god punished them by breaking Peter leg and tearing Ali trouser
“the god punished Abraham too, cause he made him a fool boy, who believes his friends lies, and as a result of his foolish behavior, everybody in Orshalim made fun of him”.
Many days spent, and everyone in Orshalim repeated these words daily: Ali, Peter and Abraham are fools and liars.
Peter and Ali were locked in their houses, their mothers treated them hardly, and all people laugh at them.
One day, Abraham woke early, and was thinking of his friends, he wanted to prove the truth of the flying plate to all, and the only question which surrounded in his mind ” how”?
After hours of thinking Abraham decided to go to the wide amazing garden alone, because of the hard conditions of his friends, so, he went straight to the place of the wonder plate.
When the dusk covered the sky, Abraham approached to the center of the fig tree, at that time, the flying plate was dancing up and down, he kept watching the plate performance, and suddenly he tried to catch it, but as it was with Peter, the plate disappeared.
Abraham never gave up, he tried and tried and tried, by the way, he fell down many times, and his leg had been broken, his clothes had been torn, but he decided to never go home without the evidence for innocent of his friends.
Abraham spent three nights trying to catch the flying plate with no stop or rest, and finally he cried, his tears, covered his awesome face, but also he did not give up.
Now, something very strange happened, when Abraham caught the plate, a piece of paper fell down from the fig tree!
Abraham was thirsting to read the paper, he closed to it, and had read the paper with wide eyes and mouth, something was written in it, something very weird, a single sentence says
“give me your teeth”.
Abraham arms shook with fear, he did not understand what the strange paper meant, so he wrote on the back of the same paper: how?
The flying plate sent another piece of paper to Abraham, then he picked it and read these words:
“when you give me your teeth, I will be shown for you, and for everybody”.
Abraham felt fear more and more, but he decided to never go home without this evidence for his best friends Ali and Peter, so he wrote on the back of the paper:
” how many teeth”?
Then, the plate sent:
“one tooth equals one piece”.
Now, Abraham understood the game, so he started giving the plate many teeth which he owned, he wanted to catch all the wonder pieces of desserts, and made it shown to all his people.
After a week spent, Abraham went back to his home Orshalim, so all the people gathered around him, even the mothers, and his friends Ali and peter, all these folk were waiting the wonder flying plate, then Abraham had shown it to everyone, all the people were watching with stare eyes.
Everyone believed the three boys, after that, the people in this country wrote a proverb on the wall as honoring to Abraham courage in his wonderful friendship between Ali and Peter:
The courage is rare as the flying plate of dessert
few as the numbers teeth of Abraham that he could keep!


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