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Poems: ‘Vanished in a Vampire World’ n ‘The Covets of the Seasons’

By: Divya John


Vanished in a Vampire World

In the wilderness of the creepy jungle
I trotted, upset, terrified and confused
It was more of a struggle from within
To encounter a challenging Vampire.

Bestowed with superhuman powers
He can appear and disappear at will.
He had a puffy outside, purple veins
Sparkling, whitish, razor-sharp teeth.

He was commanding and frightening
With stained hair, long uneven nails
Bluish-grey eyes; he tosses people
Whirling them through the wild wind.

He had a mother and a sister to care
Wicked kith and kin who indulged in
A chatter to suck life-blood out of me
Like the leech-like demons of the past.

I had to endure anguish in the jungle
Being a frail human unable to oppose.
He offered me no time even for a talk
Taking pride in his uncouth tradition.

Unwilling to inhabit the Vampire setup
Or extract blood out of human bodies
I mustered the courage to wage a bet
To squash the Vampire’s dominance.

I knew talismans are only luck-charms
While a bunch of roses, sheer hoaxes
Yet I had no supreme strength or will
To overcome the outlandish Vampire.

The Vampires needed blood to survive
Whereas my weak self almost gave in.
In due time, I died a castaway’s death
Instigated by the impish Vampire world.


The Covets of the Seasons

The poets
Blake, Wordsworth
Shelley, Keats, for they enthralled me
During the days of my dawn, the spring of my life.

To sojourn
To the West, not the East
The North, when it is to be the South
During my morning years, the summer of my life.

To holiday
In Ireland, Scotland, Wales
The UK, for these places charmed me
During my midday period, the autumn of my life.

To possess
A well-decked cottage
A comfortable vehicle, modest savings
During my twilight season, the winter of my life.


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