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By Chandra Shekhar Dubey

heart's voice

Will you listen to me? When your soul gets weary
and you cry for some caring hands to touch and heal you.
Will you listen to me? when your heart is broken and limbs get numb making you movements difficult
and in those dismal hours your palms flutter to hold some loving and true hands
where you feel at home like a weary sailor in his anchored ship
Will you listen to me? When your heart dances to the tune of some self-same song of love or glide in some heavenly space In silent streams when you float like a rudderless boat unknown of your destination senseless like a wooden plank. Will you listen to me? When your hopes betray you and your conscience fall heavy on you making your days dreary and nights restless and you seek shoulders to shelter your sobbing dreams and afflicted wishes and a compassionate heart to nurse your wounds with words of love. Will you listen to me? When sleeping fires in your silent soul madden you to hold the lacerated moon in your tiny palms crossing the rivers of fire like Odysseus on his trail. Will you listen to me? In those deceitful moments making virtues out of vices Muffled in deep depression I sing the song of aching joy concealing my tears like wanton clouds pregnant with thick rain drops. Will you listen to me? When your uproarious laughter pour into my ears the melody of molten music out of your consumptive soul. O solace of waning hours! O tumult before the moon tides! My sin, my solitude of days passed in melancholic strains. Will you listen to my song? Woven in strings of melodious mystery One day I will turn them into fires of words heralding them with tongues of flames. Will you then listen me?

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