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‘A perfect day’ and other poems by Milt Montgue

By: Milt Montgue

a perfect day

picture a perfect day

the heavens above are painted blue
with a satin smooth brush
white puffs are dribbled carelessly
across a canvas sky

small islands in an azure sea
the sun smiles beneficently
all is at peace

a lone bird
hovers over the land
seeking his lunch

as his prey scurries into
it’s home in the ground
….. safely

little brown bird

strolling through the park
I was struck on the head
and there at my feet
lay a small brown bird

unmoving …..

I was uninjured
the bird was dead

as I stood in shock
reviewing the incident

then I picked up
the small brown body
placed her on the grass
covered her form with leaves

sat on a nearby bench
to ponder what happened



consider simple grains
the bottom of our pyramid
seeding life for the entire planet

next come the grazers
to supply the sustenance
for the humans atop the triangle

people who ultimately
became the leaders and
autocrats over the living world

to expand and explore
past our minuscule Earth
discover the many unknowns

we have come this far
in under five billion years
where will we be in year 3018

when today’s mastery
is relegated to ancient history

the almost battle

the colonel screamed
as he led the troops forward
his saber slicing the air menacingly

the enemy
held their fire
waiting impatiently
until finally the order came

through the ranks

as both cloud armies
began to dissolve
into thin air


the curtain rises

I sit on my recliner
push the back down
as the feet rise up and
I watch the clouds float by

waiting for the new show

will it be contemporary
based on new events
historical or biblical
or honest fantasy

the clouds drift
form recognizable
shapes as the curtain
rises for the performance

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