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By: Zane Tomich



Jump. Come on, do it. Just jump. You paid hundreds of dollars for this and now you want to bail? What a waste. I mean come on. Think of it this way. You are falling so incredibly fast. The drop won’t even last for very long because you’ll be distracted by the scenery. Everything will happen so quickly you can even blink an eye. Plus, there is a professional jumper strapped behind you. There should be nothing to worry about; but what if the harness breaks? What if the parachute decides not to deploy. You’ve heard the stories. It is not common, but not uncommon either. You could easily be that one out of a thousand people to plunge to their death. Also, lets not forget that there are birds flying around in the sky. They could easily rip a hole through the parachute. You said you wanted to feel what it was like to be a bird. Well, this is the closest you’re ever going to get. Do you really want to do this? The plane doors are wide open. Everyone behind you is waiting. What is it going to be?


Now that is something truly scary; but you are not jumping out of an airplane here. Stop overthinking this. Find the inner courage within that comes with being a true man. A girl likes a guy who is cool, confident, and strong. Why do you think she said yes to this date in the first place? Look at how close that doorknob is to your sweating fingers. It is a hell of a lot closer than being thousands of feet above ground in a plane. Everything is within grasp; but it is up to you to reach out. It won’t come to you unless you go to it.

Nothing is as complicated as it seems, if you just focus on one thing at time. Do not be concerned with what is ahead. Live in the moment. Everything is more beautiful and enjoyable that way. Overthinking can hold you back from potentially the greatest feeling you’ve ever experienced. Fear refrains you from growth and satisfaction.

Love does not give you much time to think. Treat love like a skydive. You have this incredible opportunity to feel something special right in front of you with dozens of other people in line behind you waiting for the same thing to happen to them. Do not over-analyze because the chance will blaze by and be out of your reach forever. Cherish and live for every single pure moment life offers. There is a choice to make. Cower before fear, or face it head-on with an open mind.

Do yourself a favour. Do not think. Curb that fear. Ring the doorbell already.
She is waiting for you on the other side.

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