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‘Humanity’ and other poems by JD Stofer

By: JD Stofer


Scandal and corruption
horror in the news
babies choked
burned animals in every way abused
while late night jesters
try to make sense of it all
and money
encapsulate the day to keep us
all amused
What to think?
What to do?
What makes sense when nothing
in the world is new and patterns
repeat as in nature
while a steel boat glides
down a grey channel
in the same wind that blew
through the hair of others
and behind the black windows
I know there is someone inside.



I can’t leave you
she said
risking the reveal
of a corny vulnerability
as they kissed goodbye at the ferry
after a weekend
most of it in bed
and now kisses weary
he wearing open the soft shirt she bought him
clean against salt skin
had timed her departure too closely.
He smiled a benevolent smile
big dog tugging at the lead
in the parking lot of summer pebbles
as they bumped together
oblivious to onlookers
hand holding fingertips
cheeks brushing one more kiss.
Yes you can
he said
softly as to a child
and she knew at once
it had meant more to her
than it had to him.



To the elements half exposed
under a short shed roof
a bulletin board
thin cork punctured by the thousands
stubborn staples rust
the corners of notices past
dog ears flaking windy faded
phone number fingers torn off
posters past events overlap
share coloured push-pins
missing cats long lost
always a tabby or a black and white
recipe cards hand written seek employment
men with trucks no job too small
singer seeks drummer
drummer place to practice place to live
pick-up truck for sale good runner
guitar lessons blues rock folk
skilled carpenter healing massage
motorcycle to sell or trade for what
landscaper own tools
tarot gutters mechanic
appliance repair professional movers dress maker
firewood invisible mending delivery
picket fence of business cards
snapshot of community
mute map of struggle

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