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‘Skin burn scar made’ and other poems by Monica Carroll

By: Monica Carroll

Skin burn scar made

Must. Slower at the tail. Nerve gives out, then I rush. Feel slower.
We’re after second, not third.
The kickback still surprises me. Who is pushing who? The skin or the steel?
Hold steady hand of my hand. Those ears that hear the ssuzz are not mine.
When it hurts, pretend it is your enemy’s body, that evil twin under the stairs.
Skin takes the white because I killed it.
The pendulum is care and anger. You are pathetic to need. I care enough to care.
Pain cannot lie like love. Reheat.



We thought geese hatched from barnacle shells because, after all, like breeds like. A feathery beard of down is duck-mussel to another tongue. Fallen in the water. Fallen in the earth. It is Wednesday; high time to get down from that elephant. Walk on our own four peduncles.


Earpiece Mouthpiece Copper Questions

Where are you, said the telephone.
Stuck behind the wall, you said.
East or West, said the phone.
I’ve forgotten, I said.
When are you coming home, said the earpiece.
After I’ve finished with the pale man, you said.
Is he fetching, asked the cord.
Obliging, you said, But I need him to be undone.
Then you’ll come home? said the phone.
I miss you, you said hanging the phone up and down.

Your new name is 305 S 85.9. The amendment has been registered, receipted and released. You will die at 3.02pm on the 5th. It will be reported as ‘death by oyster’. Your body will be dried into 14.6kg of guinea pig nibblets. Ask any oracle. It’s true.

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