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‘In Sequester’ and other poems by Fred Chandler

By: Fred Chandler

In Sequester

When the lone eye
Caught those children
Bowing their heads
In a blur of a shadow
It was of some sign
Of an equinox passing
No squeals or laughter
Just silence of sleeping
In white beds still made
Still birds frozen flowers


Intense Ingredients

When chance glances become much more
To be of magnetic beams in a steady stare
Revealing there will be this lust before love
There was once music and a hypnotic song
Hard pressed kisses suited heavy breathing
Absent was any worldly sound for their ears
As strong masculine fingers spread a womb
And slender feminine ones guided the entry
When their closed eyes opened in affection
How sweet was the union greeted in smiles


From Opal Blood

Oh I felt the worn leathery book
With thin old pages & golden edges
It felt like I had the church bible to me
On the very first page were cryptic words
Dancing around in a hidden foreign mystery
To be landlocked & unknowing I saw the sea
Ear marked that opening page for all eternity
Sly are mystics of transcendent words & keys



Feeling instant reverie
Now isn’t that absurd
I just dropped my keys
Before an unlocked door
Left the damn keys there
And I just turned around
In a revolving walk away
To escape in my freedom


Surrendering Spirits

Naked we always were
When I gently touch you
How deep does it dare go
When you boldly touch me
It is the folding of a universe
Your eyes are largest of hearts
And mine swell larger than souls
In the withdrawal from our climax
Comes waves of endless yearning
Yet you embody more by everything

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