The Tapestry of Life

By Kelly L. Miller

We are a beautiful large scale tapestry of races, cultures, and customs
Unique, vibrant, and abounding in magnificent color
Navajo, Celtic, Inuit, Buddhist, Egyptian, Mayan, Shinto, Sumerian, Hindu, Fon
Shapes of our history and future are connected and held together by unbreakable threads
Africa, China, Germany, Australia, Canada, India, Mexico, Ireland, Russia, England
Our seeds are sown and grown – interweaved one with the other, never divided
Weaved in and out, in and out, in and out of a sturdy foundation
Our fabrics are designed to complement one another and we look so good together
Elements and patterns ensure the survival and longevity of existing generations and generations to come
With such an awe inspiring display of skilled technique for all to admire, framed with experience, lessons learned, and all memories good and bad
The hearts and souls of passed and living souls adorn the walls of eternity
Once the light hits tolerance, understanding, and stability, they shimmer and glitter like silver and gold
Wrapping ourselves with life’s quilt we are held closely and kept safe by the knowledge, wisdom, faith, justice, freedom, equality, happiness, peace, pride, and hope
That constitutes real love, making the world a better place, not for some but for everyone


Categories: Poetry

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