The orchid in the starry night

By: Paweł Markiewicz

Herculean welcome: Hallo. You huge, hilarious human! Have honorary heart of hyacinth with humming birds!
Herculean welcome: Hallo. Am I a gorgeous orchid without any sonorous oblivion and dreamy rumination about the Horologium?
Standing, waiting I see, hear, taste, touch feeling of this night outside from Pavel´s window sill near an ewer and three cacti so dear like deer in groves.
The spider on my stalk – stalking a ladybird and the dog is barking in the chamber, he is ethereal, as if he came from plethora of dark glow-worms.

I see

I stay with cacti, my friends, under stars like a wanderer, who adoring the heaven in the night, shrouded in the fog, having seen a volcano with fireflies.

You hear

You, the night, are a ship on the frothy sea and the whirling wave as well as the thunder and above same fairytale-like seagulls.

I taste

I am the medieval alchemist who is cooking the delicious boletus soup such a druid and he will serve as dessert honey fungi with blueberries.

You touch

You, the starlit night, are many boars, born near an ancient grove, that touch their own piglets with damp muzzles

The philosophical-votive part – written by the ladybird on petals of me – the orchid

  1. Haiku – to the brightest star

starry sky above (like at Kant)
me – cats with brightest eyes
in this dreamy night

  1. Tanka for the mysterious moons

hearts of ladybirds
are tapping in rhythm of the
dance of fireflies

flowers are primarily
immovable unearthly

  1. The one-sentence-poem to the longing
    comet dust

In oblivion, fulfillment of the charm, will never happen, my indulgent-docile-bonhomous valedictorian.

  1. The inverted cherita for the sake of
    the brilliant shooting star

Woe betide You if You
my centenarian
do not follow at Allhallowtide

feelings of eaglet such a king-of-the-Alps
dreams of stoat under the moon

as well as my pretty poems


Categories: Poetry

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