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By Milt Montague

Johnson and Johnson had recently introduced a new line of Band-Aids. They came in several bright colors and were replete with interesting designs and patterns that appealed particularly to young boys and girls of all ages.

At this time, Andrea was three years old. Her sister, Stephanie, was just five and their parents were happily anticipating the arrival of their newest Princess [or Prince]. Maria was their sleep-in chief baby sitter and nursemaid who helped raise the children, as both their parents were working.

Andrea loved helping Maria in the kitchen and when she accidentally touched a sharp object and got a small cut on one of her fingers, Maria ran into the bathroom to get the new band-aids and apply them liberally to Andrea’s injured hand. Andrea was so pleased with the look that Maria put a couple more on her other fingers.

She immediately called her parents, at the store, and told them of her injury. [Milt had installed a private telephone line. This was a special telephone just for the children, that directly linked the store and their apartment, which was only a few blocks distant. The phone did not require dialing. Picking up the phone and pushing a button caused the phone to ring at the other end.] After Maria’s reassurance that the injury was only a pinprick, Milt consoled Andrea and promised he would attend to her boo-boo as soon as he came home from work.

When Milt came home from the store, Andrea promptly showed him her hand and the boo-boo on her finger. Despite both her parents reassurances and their hugs and kisses, Andrea was still upset by the accident. Milt thought about the problem and decided that more positive action was required on his part. He carefully and decorously picked up Andrea in his arms and seated her in a chair, raised both of his hands over her injured finger, and then slowly intoned in his deepest and most melodramatic voice,


After a formal hug and kisses on both cheeks to seal the ritual, he assured her that her boo-boo would be all better when she woke up in the morning.

And so it was.

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