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James G Piatt’s collection of poems ‘Solace between the lines’ oscillates between darkness and light

Dr James G Piatt’s poetry collection ‘Solace between the lines’ is up for grabs.

Dr Piatt’s latest collection of poems, travels the roads between spirituality and chaos, war and peace, and darkness and light. The poems are personal and philosophical, sad and uplifting. They come from the heart and soul of a man who is trying to cope with the elements of a modern nation involved in survival. It is a book of poems in a world of both despair and hope.

“Dr Piatt’s poems do not stand at one place but flow like a rivulet down the mountain side. They force the reader’s mind to scout for meaning, to see the hidden and to love the overlooked,” says Onkar Sharma, editor of

Readers can find some of Dr Piatt’s poems on that capture the pulse of his versatile style and fertile imagination.

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