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‘Pretty buy floyd knew’ and other poems by Grant Guy

By Grant Guy

pretty buy floyd knew

water made itself scarce that summer
the cattle withered to skin & bones
the sheep were sold off
the land was parched
ranches foreclosed

like time
the banks were eternal
& found a way to make
a buck or two
or a million
from the dried blood of the farmers

pretty boy floyd
knew how to make the bankers


Worlds Apart

She was a limberjack’s daughter
And he was a cabbie’s son
They lived worlds apart
And people said
Their love affair was destined to fail
She was a lumberjack’s daughter
He was a bbie’s son


When Doing Your Laundry

When doing your laundry in Cheyenne
With the Hells Angels
You find yourself saying things like

Are you finished with that laundry basket sir

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