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By: Franklin Powers

Frank had worked at Premiere Marketing for a few years now and had been promoted to Vice President of Sales. He spent a lot of time at work, neglecting his wife and kids. He had brought his family to California from New York and still had his New York accent.

When his boss lost in court to a competitor, Frank was right there to offer solutions to this unfortunate loss. There was nothing they could do to stop them from ruining their company, Frank had to think out of the box and in so doing it was time to get dirty. Most of the suggestions from others were about how to minimize the damages they were going to incur, but Frank was all about revenge and taking them down for filing this lawsuit in the first place.

The next day Frank had an appointment in a not so good area of the city, he was a little apprehensive to even go, but they were really interested in the product and seemed ready to sign a contract. By noon he was happy he had gone, they signed the contract for their 150 employees, Frank was very happy. He asked around for any suggestions of a place to get a drink and some lunch. He was directed to Mary’s down by the bus terminal. Taking the advice, he headed to Mary’s for that celebratory drink.

At the bar Frank asked for his favorite cocktail and sat there enjoying his first sips while he looks over the menu, they put in front of him. Frank, “hey bar-keep, what is the lunch special today?” “Bacon cheeseburger on an English muffin,” the bar-keep responded. “That sounds good, put me in for one, and give me another drink.” Frank glanced over to the older gentleman sitting one bench away from him and nodded as to say hello when the gentleman looked over at Frank. “My name is Bob, haven’t seen you in here before. You new here?” Frank sipping on his drink, “no, I had a business appointment around the corner and came here for some lunch.” Older gentleman, “we don’t get many strangers in here, it seems that people would rather go somewhere else.” Frank with an inquisitive look on his face, “what are you talking about old man, is this place haunted or something?” “Don’t laugh, you might be right?” “What the hell are you talking about, I think you probably have had to many of whatever you are drinking?” Old man, “well wait a few minutes and you will see our resident Witch come in for her afternoon drink.” Frank coming back at him, “a witch you say, I don’t believe in them or what they say they can do.” “When she comes in, sit down and talk to her, it won’t take long for you to start to believe.” “I have heard enough of that crap, let me finish my lunch.”

Frank sat there and finished his cheeseburger and was just wiping his face when the old man next to him hit him in the shoulder, “she just came in, go and talk to her, you’ll see.” With a couple of drinks under his belt, Frank got up from his bar stool and looked over to where she was sitting, trying to see if she looked different or weird. He went over to her table and introduced himself, “I am sorry to interrupt you, but I was told to introduce myself to you, I have never met a witch before.” This lady in her late forties, sat there at the table with a shawl over her shoulders and a pair of dark sunglasses covering her eyes. “Sit down, what is your name?” “My name is Frank, what do you do as a witch, if I can ask, “feeling uneasy about his question. Witch feeling very comfortable, “there are so many things I do, I help people who have a problem and don’t know what to do, it is then that I get involved and put together a plan to help them.” “Okay you help people, did not know that.” “Well now you know, do you have a problem I can help you with?” with a smile on her face. Frank now seems to be getting interested but not there yet, “no, not that I can think of, to bad my boss is not here, he is the one who needs your help, but I think he is more interest in revenge then some help.” Witch looking into his eyes, “revenge, that is my specialty, tell me about your boss.”

Frank had the waitress come over to the table and he ordered another drink, making it a double, “well just recently he had a law suit filed against his company and they never had a chance to win but out of nowhere, the Judge sided for them and now it looks like he might lose his company, he really is pissed off, he really wants to destroy them.” “Well Frank, I might just have the solution for you, are you interested?”

Frank with a few drinks in him, “yes, yes, I am interested, we need to get those bastards, what do you have?” Witch now looking very serious, “for this scenario I recommend the Curse of the Candles, this should give you all that you could want.”

Frank and the Witch spent another hour going over the details, it was going to intel that they put black candles in their offices only after they spent an hour at midnight putting the grave parts she gave them around the wick and then lit the candles at the stroke of midnight with a wooden match. There was also a white candle which would go in the bosses office to keep all the bad spirits away from him. By putting the black candles throughout the offices, they would be able to be spit at and cursed at, sending bad energy to those who they are seeking revenge from.

Frank drove home with the candles and all the instructions he received, he was excited to get this process started and to see the damage it was going to do those who have tried to hurt his company so bad. The next morning he sat down with his boss and explained all that he had learned and explained that this was the opportunity to get the revenge that they had talked about. It did not take long to convince his boss; he was in for anything that would make him feel better. With the approval he was seeking, Frank preceded to put the black candles around the offices and put the white candle in the bosses office, just as he was told to do so. Now all he had to do was wait for all that he had asked for.

A few days had gone by, Frank was at his favorite watering hole, liquoring it up before he goes home. However this afternoon he was approached by one of the waitresses who was now off work. They sat there at the bar exchanging laughter and getting chummy. It was time for Frank to make his move, he knew he only had so much time until he had to head to the family. He had told her about the candles in his office and invited her to come up there to see what he kept talking about. The office was empty of all the staff, and Frank was showing off his new toy that would destroy people, was his story. They ventured into his office and to his couch where they made themselves comfortable. It did not take long until there was clothing on the floor and a lot of sexual excitement as Frank preceded to lay on top of her on his couch.  As Frank was getting his pleasures, rocking back and forth, he was looking at the black candle on the table, he could not take his eyes from it. He kept rocking back and forth as if he was in a trance. The young cute waitress was enjoying the rocking as she laid there with legs spread and this big man on top of her. She could not see his face as he rocked with his arms holding him up. It seemed like such a long time, rocking back and forth, she was now done with the pleasure and wondered if he was going to get his? Back and forth he went, saying nothing, she was now getting concerned, this had never happened before. Wanting to see his face or something, “Frank, are you done, or do you want more, talk to me?” There was no answer, this was getting weird, just rocking back and forth. “Frank, please get off me, I need to get up, you are not answering me, so please get off me.”

Still no answer, she started to push him off or at least get him out of her. Pushing him harder as she is starting to get scared, “I mean it, get the hell off of me, you bastard get off of me,” as she starts to cry and pushing for no avail, tears running down her cheeks.

Frank, still looking at the black candle and rocking back and forth, he slips back and now can see the scared little girl. As Frank moves down, she can now see his face, she looks at his eyes that are now swollen and blood red, fiery, pure horror takes her over. Now screaming for him to get off all to no avail, as he still has his hands and arms on the couch. Frank, now in a trance, stairs into her eyes and without changing his expression, moves his hands to her throat, and rocks back and forth. Screaming, crying and with all her strength she grabs his hands and arms, trying to release the grip around her neck. The grip that is getting stronger as he continues to rock back and forth, now going faster as the screaming gets louder. Frank acts like he does not hear her, just staring into her eyes and now mumbling under his breath, as he chokes her neck and moves faster between her legs, her legs that she cannot move. He is totally out of control, choking her so that she cannot breathe, and she fights to the last second, as Frank slams into her, relieving himself, as she takes her last breath.

With a lifeless woman underneath him, Frank rolls to the right to get from on top of her. With his pants down to his knees, he struggles to pull them back up, as be pulls on his belt, his hand slips and hits the black candle knocking it onto the bed where it rolls under his pants as he sits on the side of the bed. With hot flaming wax on the floor the flames are getting hotter as it burns his pants as Frank continues to struggle with getting them off. The pants are now totally engulfed, and he is starting to scream as the flames feed off the flesh of both legs consuming all below his waist. He grabs the covers with his left hand as he slowly melts to the floor, pulling the covers down and with them comes the waitress as she falls on top of Frank, her knee crushing his skull, as they disappear into a fiery grave as the black candle still burns brightly.

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