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By: M. Taggart

A piece of mind is a funny thing
flecking out among the trees

Somewhere we leave a laugh
looking for a smile

Came home with a bag of sunshine asking you to not write.
However, nothing is like your fingers typing.
Snap this moment, look at the wall. Watch the knuckles; so what,
pushing- the floor doesn’t know how to be. Still.


Matt is a loving husband and father. The small family of three, along with their very fluffy Maine Coon cat, live in Maine. Matt is an emerging writer who has been published in America’s Emerging Literary Fiction Writers: Northeast Regions, 2019 (Z Publishing House), America’s Emerging Horror Writers: East Region, 2019 (Z Publishing House), Massachusetts’s Emerging Writers; An Anthology of Fiction, 2018 (Z Publishing House), Vita Brevis LLC, The Drable, proletaria, and was nominated author of the month of June, 2018, on Spillwords Press. Matt graduated with a BA from the Isenberg School of Management, UMASS Amherst. Where he realized he was a writer.

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