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‘Love Letters to Arabella’ by the Young Shakespeare

By Thy Young Shakespeare


These poetry pieces are compilations of poems from a current draft novel called Elexander the 3rd.  Set in the 1800s, an epic story presented as a fictional romance novel.  The story depicts the romance between an English prince Elexander and Arabella a beautiful Scottish highlands lady.  The story consists of passion, love and a fierce sense of adventure not simply by Elexander but more importantly Arabella.  Its intrigue is mystifying, and the poetry is capturing each essence of such emotion like the changing seasons.

These particular poems are individually handcrafted for Arabella by Elexander to express his love, his devotion to her.  A classical approach to lost romance.  In-addition, these poetry pieces are expressed with a particular hint of a Shakespearean signature. 

All pieces are subject to Copywrite


First love letter to Arabella

My dear Arabella,

A cultured land with heated fortunes, salt rains on dried opulence, let’s not waste love on time; yet the day may arrive when the mountains once moved, moved my mantels of love for thee;

thee dreams of what paradise might be, what a woman’s soul must see, don’t her prophets know as they have disdained her to endure;


Second love letter to Arabella

My dear Arabella,

Feel not comfort in fields of sunflowers but in thy nestled grace where the seeds of true nectar produce such heirs of innocence, touch the truffles of my magnificent heartache;

She gazed in wonder “can he calmly sleep” while her eyes fell upon him or a ravage weep; what sudden spell makes me so dear; can we meet halfway so such magic does not disappear;


Third love letter to Arabella

My dear Arabella,

Bring me nots to such have nots as my heart simply yearns for thee; wrap me in thy bosoms as when death wraps me in its shadows, I might simply die for thee;

let the whistles not blow and the bells not sound a clouded mind; let rapture of such folly be forgotten as thy lips simply sense me;


Fourth love letter to Arabella

My dear Arabella,

As ancient Rome rises to such grace, why does the charm soften in a hasty chase, my treasured thoroughbreds gallop willfully wild, sweats on their beaded skins near the torturous neap, chase the clouds to thy mountains so high, heartfelt cords felt down to the stony grounds, run free in a world of such indulgent eyes;

Imprison me in thy affectionate grace and vow never to let go, take me to a ball and hold me there once again in a song that made my heart ache,


Fifth love letter to Arabella

My dear Arabella,

Thy hands made of sunflower promises envelope me blissfully in thy fragrance; I simply do not want to be a nights catch in thy web and neither a remnant collection of a precious gilded painting;

shall we not be that first sensual kiss forever; when such heated chalices evaporated our lost tears forever;


Sixth love letter to Arabella

My dear Arabella,

Away with such folly of a flimsy romance, such meanings thee has sown, falsehood gave way to such soul-breathing glance; sway into a compelling romance;

Mild beams of fictions do I write, streams of passions do I sink in, dreams of thee do I collapse in, rains beating down onto pharaohs do I drench in, sing me a death to sleep in, torture me not with these day dreams I exist in.


Seventh love letter to Arabella

My dear Arabella,

Oh, why the songs of romance hush my advances, is it to bold to hold thee so high in a minds favor;

a requiem of dreams, desires such floating chambers to be filled by dewdrops of thy fondness, blink not as to rouse the placid lakes of fiction, if Apollo should give his assistance refuse, invoke them no more and bid adieu to the muse;


Eight love letter to Arabella

To my dearest Arabella,

And her cheeks and her lips, so soft, like truffles of snow fresh fallen in the fields of naivety,

Her smile that seeks a candor of desires, the drama the daydream it discovers, leave me a mind of peace shall Thee not if only I could glance at Thy innocence again…


  1. Beautiful harmony of 8 masterpieces that melt perfectly together, shedding hope, passion and also dark despair into the readers mind. The more you read, the more depths you find. Excellent work from the Young Shakespeare!!

  2. A stunning and masterful work of art. The writer expresses the complexity of love – desire, joy, devotion, sadness, sorrow and despair – both assuredly and with subtle confidences, leaving the reader longing for more.

  3. Mmm the days where the was so much space. And time. To day dream, falling into the natural romantic nature of love, compelled to send one another love letters. How sweet. How tender. The innocence in such love is an old school kind of love that I adore. With the times now where we are so closely connected, at the fingertips we can meet. Perhaps it is just that we forget the gift of love. We take it for granted. We forget to appreciate both the moment and state of Love. Our days mindlessly drifting away from feeling love flow through. The way it’s meant too.

    • I thank you kindly for reading these pieces, and would like to announce that I new book of poetries is currently being written and in it with all its glorious seasons …
      kindly email us (email below) know if you would like to be included in its first release. A wholehearted thank you to the Literary Yard
      love from.

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