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By: Welkin Siskin

If you can come away with sublime
love beating out of our union,
Being oblivious, creating disaffection,
I guess should I leave you on your wish.
It is not just because I wish, but because you do.
Snuff out that flame of love
Candle glow that remains as the blaze
So bright, unending forever-
As a symbol of what we were!
I know you want to distance
Afar from me,
And here, I can’t throw weight around you,
I can’t lead you to hold fast on me-
Like the image build of a nuptial knot
Hanging on the walls in the glass frame.
But, I can assert and swear up and down
that I shan’t look for you and be after you,
I shall forget you
All, now, soon, always.

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