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By: Alan Berger

Once in a world of sorrow
Thrice in a world of pain
Where memories I never had
Where all laid to blame
At the age I am right now
Ready for the gate
I still don’t know how or why
I received a smile from old man fate

She could have picked so much better
She could  have chosen wise
Somehow she couldn’t help herself
As we looked thru each others eyes

Such a giant world out there
With love and kindness so very small
Every step taken with a ton of fear
As you juggle all your balls
Beauty and grace seem to divide
And peace always hides
Until we saw thru each others’ eyes

I came from nothing
As time went by even less
All I wished for was something
And let luck do the rest
That boat passed me bye
As waited on the pier and cried
She drowned my sighs
When we looked thru each others eyes

Love has one syllable
But so many sides
And  anything is possible
When we look thru each others eyes

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