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Search for meaning

By: Anupama Mishra

But I forget this in madness,
Now the childish tender feelings of mine
are on obstinacy strike,
To go to such place where it was at a time
When immaturity was at its prime,
All the things had an element of wonder.
But alas! now those days have gone.
However, I endeavoured to render vitality to this life,
But such as many fraud, faux and fake people
Often rob us of our innocence
And thus this life heists our happiness.
The laughter is away from here
And the only thing I can preserve is tears.
Thus searching for the inner peace here and there
I find myself unable to find it anywhere.
My eyes are searching for the good will, amity and stillness,
Where have gone those tranquil, Pacific,and peaceful days,
If I would have been able to fly in the past and could have dip in that torrent river.
And then the wounds of my miserable heart could have been soothed,
With a sumptuous and gratifying touch of those water ripples.
My empty heart is yearning for that cascade which has vanished in this concrete world.
Those days have gone and will never return.
I feel in the depth of my heart reminiscences of those days,
So I’ll give up the search in outwardly things
And surely console my feelings
With a search within.

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