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The Coolest Death Ever

By Alan Berger

Islands in the stream
From Cold Spring Harbour
To the village green        

Mouth full of marijuana
From Toronto
To Tijuana

I’m not a good traveler
I don’t have the sight seeing stamina

 Death may be not what it seems
It could be the beginning
Of your best ever long lasting dream

Maybe wishful thinking
So who are we drinking

Tick Tock
A well-run race against the clock

And with a handshake and a thought
My life was well fought

Heed the call
Tomorrow is the first step
To your journeys’ up and downfall


Stay off the benches
And swing for the fences
Even while bleeding
In foul tasting trenches

The  All I ever would want thrill
And with your illustrious  gardening skills
his should not be hard
When I’m ready for Boot Hill
Sprinkle me in your front and back yard


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