Make it

By: Alan Berger

Here are some words
That I wrote one day
When it all
Went the wrong way
And the world that I rent in
Left me speechless
Nothing to say

Make it all go away
Or have it swing with my sway

Here is a thought
I remember when proud
When sounds I sought
Where never too loud
The thing I learned
Was that to cool down
You got to get burned

There was a girl
The only one
Who lit the match
Who made it run
Who woke one day
With years of sense
Took herself away
Have not seen her since
Make it all go away
Or have it rhyme with my say

Sometimes I know
It’s all over
Then again
I find a four leaf clover
And when I ask for the bill
So I could check out
I always decide to extend my stay
And maybe figure
It all out

Make it all go away
Or make it rain every day

Categories: Poetry

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