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Palghar Lynching

By Chandra Shekhar Dubey

They came to us
charged us of felony
hounded and handed over
to a mob with arms, sticks and spears.
They kicked us beating with sticks
Blood oozed from our body
mixing red with the saffron
our cries got lost in their orgy
of nailing and killing us.
Violence which we never preached
in words and deeds became their cult
to silence us in eternal sleep
for none of our mortal sins .
We courted death with our stoic silence
like credulous victicms of deluded
fanatics in degraced ceremony
of innocence or feast of fury.
Killing was brutal –
but greater were the stories
that shrouded the mystery of killing.
In our lynching they lost their religion
in insanity, wisdom in communal frenzy.


  1. Dubey ji u expressed it so well that every scene of that cruel night scrolled through my eyes n my heart goes for those murdered innocent people.I can feel the pain in ur words.

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