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“A Sister” and other poems by Katrenia M. Busch

By: Katrenia M. Busch

“A Sister”

A sister is a friend
Who helps in times of need
Being—someone who mends
Our lives as we are— wearied

Sisters by blood
Or born otherwise
As they often should
Be seen as angels in disguise

Aiding as a helping hand
Providing much needed insight
With love that seeks to expand
With love—that seems to rewrite

The very meaning of their being
The existence that they hold
A relationship to which they bring
Many—loving memories to unfold

Words are hard to find
As it’s difficult to describe
Exactly how they seem to bind
Their endless love throughout our lives


“Times of uncertainty”

Walking through the depths of crisis
In the midst of altered lives
Finding a hidden chorus
Which appears to subside

Seeking out answers
In times of uncertainty
Seeking after guidance
Throughout our own country

Looking to others,
Finding a way to comprehend
Feeling confined to new boarders
As it becomes a new trend

Parents transformed, nearly—overnight
Becoming teachers, conformed
To telling our children that everything is alright.

Waiting for a solution,
While trying to lead
Future generations
While we fight to succeed

In the heart of this crisis
In the midst of the cost
While singing a chorus
Of things we have lost

Strong we appear to be
Strong we say we are
Always while we are writing
History’s own memoir


“A note”

I must confide
With— a note to say
As I’ve tried
As I’ve prayed

Weary of my crying
Weary of my grief
Weary of the sighing
While waiting for relief—

My soul grows tired
My soul growing weak—
My thoughts are expired
From all that they seek—

Seeking comfort
Seeking renewal
Seeking refuge
And good counsel

Weary of the groaning
Weary and stumbling
While, being exhausted
Both body and mind are aching

Bowing my head,
To end this note
As my words have fled—
To write each word that I wrote


“Silver Words”

Uttering veiled words
One at a time
To whom it’s been heard
In this concealed rhyme

Tongue to roof
The top of its house
Unruly— yet loosened
From restraint of the mouth

Crucifying each word
One at a time
Nailed down by one eye
That binds it to time

Certainty is found
On its ability
To lift itself through sound
Judgment and harmony

While obeying the laws
That operate heaven above
To shining through
With flesh to mimic that image of a dove

As silver words poured
From the midst of the heart
Bearing profound meaning
To whom they are found to impart


“An eternal note”

Before I speak
Before I say
Crumbling weak
As I pray

These very words:
Each to its own sound
Each to gird—
To that: which my soul is bound—

I uttered this song
In prayer today—
Guided along
Where my conscience had weighed—

In the balance of reason
In the balance of song
My soul found there beating—
My conscience its own song

One of delight, we might say—
One with little words at best
One that spoke truth on this very day
One ever-lasting within my left breast—

As I pondered, reflections within
Holding fast to myself
To what’s under this skin—
Hidden knowledge, hidden wealth

Singing this note—
A sacred song to be
My soul had wrote
To last eternally


Katrenia Busch from Bay City, MI is a published poet and mother of two. You can see some of her poems in the screech owl, literature today, Riverrun, Literary Yard and Super poetry-highway. She has published essays on psychoanalysis and spends time as a “peer reviewer” for journals associated with the APA on psychological studies and research. She has an established background in healthcare and law enforcement and has published articles on leadership and the healthcare system. 


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