By Chandra Shekhar Dubey

Silent night whispered to
salubrious day .
“Where have you lost your noise?”
The day tweaked -‘in lockdown’
I always keep in my sleeve and clock
So do I now-
They created malls, shops , restaurants
to keep themselves alive and busy,
filled my body with clamorous clutters
and noisy wheels chasing me
like phantoms in dreams.
Then a virus crippled their pace.
Distancing them locked in their cells
I loiter around locked doors
Peeping windows and barricaded roads
cuddling and cheering packs of
masked human forms –
they call them corona warriors.
I fell locked down, down, down
hitting the spots off
till I plunged into the sprawling
arms of inviting placidity of night.

Categories: Poetry

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  1. One more superb magic of ur pen depicting our lives today👌👌👌👌Great Sir Keep writing n inspiring

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