Cancer and its Roots in Hollywood & Bollywood

By: Jamal M. Siddiqui

If you are a person with access to the internet, then you must be aware of the ongoing events of the world. More specifically, you might have even heard of the recent situation in Hollywood and Bollywood, in regard to cancer disease. Over the last two-three decades, it seems like just about every actor and actress is falling victim to this awful disease.

Some of the actors who have gotten cancer are Farrah Fawcett, David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Bob Marley and Indian actors such as Rajesh Khanna, Raj Kumar, actress Nagris and recently Rishi Kapoor also died of cancer. These are just the high-profile names.

The cause of cancer is still unknown, but the majority of the affected people are celebrities from Hollywood and Bollywood.

Another strange interesting fact is that only actors and actress are more likely to die of cancer then compared to other people in the film industry such as Directors, Writers and Producers are less likely to die of cancer.

There may be a reason for this, but it has not been found yet. We can only guess.

Whatever the reason is, it has become too usual to get ignored. There should be scientific and thorough research conducted to find out the cause of it why majority film actors and actress are dying of cancer compared to other people in the film industry.

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