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Tandav (Cosmic Dance)

By: Chandra Shekhar Dubey The rhythm woven in swift stepscascading light dispelling fear,evanescing darkness.The howl of storms spellingmystic hiatus between creationand destruction in feast of fury.Cosmic energy unleased in torrents,breaks the silence […]

Blue Stain

By: Sheila Henry Slavery was abolished in America almost 200 years agobut the system refuses to relinquish a sad historybinding young black men as they remain preyand are locked up in a […]


By Eric Burbridge             The impact spun the vehicle and shattered glass followed his body against the door. Nick was ejected before the car flipped. He couldn’t feel his legs. His face […]

The Run Home

By Eric Burbridge             For once I followed the doctor’s orders. “Get some sunshine, good ole vitamin D.” He said. I loaded my walker and headed for Tooley Park, a thirty-minute drive […]