File number 51

By: Ken W. Simpson

Potholes in the Ocean

Infamous legacies from the rich and religious
betrothed to blandishments
Blessings from an invisible and mythical deity
Man-made and threatening
Dangerous exhortations from political patriots
donations happily accepted
Premonitions of revelations granted to heaven
as fanciful stories and fables
The vanishing of enjoyment into canned mirth
for marriage as an institution.


Moments of heartache
to remember the dead
tortured and terrorised
bled and skinned alive
for the Adrenochrome
an elixir of immortality

The Triumph of Evil

Fantasies and the myths of religion
are used to sedate humanity
Into dreaming and falsely believing
In an eternal life next to God
Jesus and some angels in paradise
gathered with dead relatives
somewhere up there in outer space
compliant Christian stooges
meek and mild amid the pedophiles
programmed easily as putty
to believe in nightly TV propaganda
disinformation and invention
Including the fantasy that America
really was a land of the free.

Categories: Poetry

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