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By: Ken W. Simpson

The American Empire is passing into a final stage of decadence. The myth of Christianity is being replaced in the minds of degenerate Americans with the worship of evil – in the form of the occult – and Satan – just another fable – but the evil is real.

Millions of children are born without an identity –  a birth certificate – or any form of identification. Many are born to breeders – women whose purpose in life is to bear children who will never be loved and cherished – but who will perish in the most appallingly brutal circumstances – in order to have their blood and organs harvested. Fear causes the blood to become adrenalised. It is being marketed as an elixir – they call Adrenochrome –  which is supposed to prolong life. To get adrenalised blood – babies are tortured to death. This is happening today.

The CIA began trafficking drugs – and now it traffics children – through army bases – to embassies throughout the world. Unidentifiable children are trafficked into the US – for paedophile Americans to sexually abuse. They can be ordered like food from restaurant menus.

Paedophilia is huge – and some of the worst abusers are paedophile priests – who brutally and sexually abused children from their classrooms – as happened recently in Australia. Cardinal Pell was hypocritically pretending to be ridding the church of the scourge of paedophile priests – when in fact he was covering up their brutal sexual assaults – and sexually abusing boys himself. He was sentenced to seven years imprisonment – but the High Court in Australia released him after a year on a technicality  –  or was it political influence?

The worship of Satan also involves cannibalism – or spirit cooking – of the Marina Abramovic kind – in which menus have such delicacies as male sperm mixed with breast milk – and human meat. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian – Anderson Cooper – Meryl Streep – Oprah Winfrey – Lady Gaga – and James Franco – are alleged to attend such events – and eat human flesh.

Mixed with the cannibalism are symbols – and rituals concocted from ancient Egypt – and of course – the pizza symbolism for boy lovers.

Keith Rainier was arrested after his Nexium cult was discovered to be a recruiting ground for acolytes like Claire Bronfman – who helped finance the exploitation of young women – and the trafficking of children. Rainier branded all his women with his initials.

Rachel Chandler – a former child prostitute – and Madam – is  now an alleged pimp for the Daphne Guniess obscenely rich set.

Satanism is promoted by Miley Cyruus –  through symbolic choreography and lyrics. Fashion and the movies are displayed  by Katy Perry – Naomi Campbell –  and the socialite – Daphne Guiness. – with a variety of bizarre designs.

Bill Gates is linked to the late Jeffrey Epstein’s paedophile empire. Photography is by Dave Lachapelle – with liberal amounts of symbolism: Moloch – the owl – mirrors – and nudity – including Naomi Campbell – Daphne Guiness – Paris Hilton – and Pamela Anderson. Fine decadent art work portraying children can be seen hanging in the collection owned by the paedophile Podesta brothers. 

This descent into a modern hell represents the decay of capitalism. America is already debt ridden – with a history of infamy unsurpassed historically.       561 words

These creatures – proud members of the Church of Satan – are mainly obscenely rich – or on the make. They have rejected – for good reason –  the myth of Christianity – only ro adopt an evil fable – with a horned gloat.  

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