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A collection of modern ballads, ‘Songs of Suicide’ by Onkar Sharma released

As per the WHO, nearly 800,000 people succumb to suicides globally every year. This number is growing every year as mental health specialists struggle to put an end to this pandemic, which is far more dangerous than the COVID-19. Through his latest poetry collection Songs of Suicide, Onkar Sharma, editor and founder of Literary Yard, has endeavored to put spotlight on this subject.

The poetry collection has just been released by Hawakal Publishers and is available for pre-orders in India and globally. The collection tends to peep into the lives of people, who pass through atrocious circumstances and excruciating experiences so much so that suicide becomes the only viable option.

 Songs of Suicide includes poems that paint the mental state of troubled souls through the emotions of love, longing, loneliness, worthlessness, sadness, disgust, and despair, but to show light and evolve as a helping hand. Onkar Sharma picks up universal instances of suicide to develop an understanding for the anguished people whom all of us might have seen or heard of attempting to kill themselves. These modern ballads, as the poet calls them, are here but to heal.

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