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‘green shuttles, stolen glances’ and other poems by Daniel Clark

By: Daniel Clark

Photo by Arisa Chattasa

green shuttles, stolen glances

bottles smashed into
walls where knees
smashed into heads
messages daubed
in delible light –
she shan’t be long
there’s a queue
for the ladies –
I’ve never smiled
for fear of losing face
but as the glass
cuts through my cheek
as bone snaps like a leaf
from that tree you liked
the day we met
the bass drones on, hones
in, zones out
it all fades out, leaves me
hunched over
our whole cursed
miracle slides
under a cubicle
door and dies
right there
in cold



watch out for
the wind humming
its clumsy lament –
I left too fast,
left apologies
unsaid amidst
the dying dawn –

at the unwelcome
reunion cold zephyr
will whisper mournful

don’t leave me here



flip a coin watch it settle nervously onto the dusty ground urge pray plead that it lands on your side bury your fears in mounds of salty earth but don’t forget a set of wheels turn the cogs that control your life


Daniel Clark is a reader, writer and linguist. He has been published in Blue Marble Review50-Word Stories and Dreams Walking, and won the 2019 Murcia ‘Story in 50’. He is Editor of the literary webzine, Briefly Write.

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