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‘Adam and Eve’ and other poems by Kimberth Obeso

By: Kimberth Obeso

Photo by Jacob Rank

Adam and Eve

Gentle lips bark my neck
Stalwart loin hugs me tight
Tongue over my chest
Apples on the face

I sing the song of the body
Feel its rhythm
Feel its lyrics
I am the bee who clings to the blossom
Sip all its petals
Sip all its thorns

Like horses dancing on the aromatic grass
like serpents hissing in the ground cavity
Like dogs barking in the house
Two birds dwelling in the same cage
Two cats rolling on the mat

Hear the whisper of the wind
Smell the sweat of the waterfall
See the hips of the trunk
Touch the bosom of the alp
Taste the nectar of the sugarcane

Let the army looks for a rebel
Let the master castigates his scholar
Let the predator bites its prey
Let the two of us play the game of love.
We’re children of Adam and Eve.



Fill in the cup
Let its vestige
Drowns me
Let me drink
Its acridness
Beloved liquor,
My anesthesia
Help me
Get over her.



My everyday life:
Sitting on a bamboo floor
Smelling the rural armpit
Gazing the flashing star
Singing the pleasing lullaby

My beloved comrades:
Chirping of the bird
Buzzing of the bee
Whistling of the air
Hissing of the stream

Tranquil. Gentle. Lovely.
Enjoy the beauty
Of countryside scenery.



Killing me.


  1. Amazing kim, laysho. ganahan ko sa pimples, liquor, ug country side, atay ka layom sa Adam and Eve pero kung sabton jud siya kay nice daghan ug metaphors. Nakz😅

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