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I am the color human

By: M.F. Nagel

Photo by Alekzan Powell

I am the color human

Color me Black
Color me White
Color me Brown

I am the color human

Color me compassion
Color me truth
Color me justice

Color me quiet voices
Quiet no more

I am
The color human


m.f. nagel was born in anchorage Alaska. Her Athabaskan and Eyak heritage has given her a love of poetry. m.f. now lives and writes near the banks of the Matanuska river in the Palmer Butte, Alaska, where the moose, wild dog~ roses and salmonberries


  1. It is interesting, for the many years I spent in military service, we were all green, it was the only way to get the mission accomplished, I decided once I got out everyone was gray, and as Dr Ben Carson who is in the Trump Administration once quoted, turn us inside out and we’re all red, pink and God knows what other color we are inside there. It is the heart that removes issues, it is hatred that creates them.

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