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By: Deekshita Athreya

A fruitless day spent idling on the couch,
was made endearing by a Cuckoo’s call on the porch.
A single note that rang out pure and clear,
Enchantingly beckoning its near and dear.

Come on comrades! Let us rejoice,
Sans pollution, nature has regained her poise,
For, the heartless humans are still behind bars,
Just this once, we can truly see the stars.

A single voice with so much hope,
Of expressing it, no music has scope,
All the guilt, the humans are stalling,
Has been brought forth by the Cuckoo’s calling.


Deekshita Athreya is a 10th grade student and a resident of India. She has a passion for nature and the English language. This is her first attempt at publishing her work.

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