Literary Yard

Search for meaning

By Alan Berger

I had a dream last night
Was way deep in the sack
The heavens beheld a sight
On live T.V.
Jesus Christ came back
And who was the first person
That he wanted to see?
It was none other than me

We went for coffee
That was our path
Elvis came in
And wanted an autograph

He talked about dying
And how great it was to be free
We talked about lying
I said it was my specialty
He said if I was liar
I was preaching to the Choir

Then I met a girl
That made me feel alive
I was 80
She was 25
One or two things
Led to some others
I figured it was alright
Even if I was old enough
To be her good looking
Slightly older brother

Then I woke up
And realized
What was real
And like so many others
I found fantasy Elvis and religion
In jail

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