Feel the Hope

By Edson Sambala

There are tough moments in life,
Times when grudge expressed in words,
Pulling down efforts invested for the future,
Though water which has been poured down
It’s hard to have it in a bucket again, but still
There is strength in the forthcoming hope,
Hope which is living like ever shining sun,
My hope is living, ever flowing like Nile,
It’s living inside to win the spirit of loosing,
Light is on in a day and off during the nights,
Be the hopefully light for the hopeless.
Favourite music, good book, powerful prayer
Are feathers that perches in the inspired soul,
And sing the tune without tirring nor end at all,
To Plan to give you hope of glory and future,
You are the great hope for the days to come,
Feel the hope, care the tireless working so far.


Edson Sambala is a poet from Tanzania. He is pursuing his passion for writing poems. For the time being, he is undertaking bachelor degree in philosophy and religious studies at the Spiritan Missionary Seminary-Arusha, Tanzania: an affiliate to the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA), Nairobi, Kenya. 

Categories: Poetry

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