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‘Unrequited’ and other poems by Ken W. Simpson

By Ken W. Simpson


Flushed out by anger and doubts
with nothing left but a black abyss
to escape from life’s cruel reality
for hopeful unfulfilled anticipation.


Cultural Values

In the waste-bin of misused moments
Dissolute days bequeathed in anger
Left to ride history’s decrepit carousel
Vain exceptionalism or entitlement
A prospectus of pretentious pomposity.


The Entitlement of Ego

A member of the capitalist Masonic faith
with suitably fawning servants
born free from the poverty and ignorance
into the affluence of pomposity
living inside a suitably majestic mansion
devised for the rich and greedy
to dwell vaingloriously and sumptuously
in a discrete gated community
free from the churning mass of nobodys.

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