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‘The Window’ and ‘Nostalgia’ poems

By: Wei-Chih Eudela

The Window

The windows are said to be the eyes of a home
I like viewing into them when I am all alone
Because they give me a short glimpse of the scenery
The things that enter my eyes and into my memory

I can see the buildings and nature as it is.
The places, when I go, surely I will dearly miss
The birds when they fly, the couples when they kiss
The cold wind that touches my skin, giving me bliss

The places I see outside reminds me of my desire
To explore and travel is a dream I longed and aspire.
A dream that’ll stay with me even when my life expires
My raison d’être, my purpose, the goal I’m inspired

Perhaps if I go out of the window, I’d be able to see more
The things beyond my house, the things I want to see and adore
Maybe, all my limitations I hold are myself and the heaven’s floor
If that is so, I should go out and run to reach the door!



As I come back to my place of origin
After years of travelling and wondering
I stand by, with my mind remembering
Memories come again. Memories I am missing

Memories I made with the people I cherished
But soon they became relics that slowly perished
Moments I spent with people that would last
But they soon turned into history, a thing of the past

Yet when I begin to recollect, my heart slowly aches
It crushed my feelings and interrupts the thoughts in my mind
With the things I could no longer ger back, my sprit slowly breaks
My eyes fixated with the past, on the present and future going blind

It feels so different what nostalgia makes
It damns our hearts and intoxicates our brains
But it makes us reminisce of whatever we retained
And have us reflect on the relationships we could have maintained

Perhaps there is a reason in returning
To the places where we had our growing
To satisfy us of our memories and longing
And in order to enrich our sense of belonging

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