Literary Yard

Search for meaning

By: Abdul Hadi Haleemah

Photo by Gaelle Marcel

I wonder and wander,
Through the thickest part of,
the forest with thorny trees,
In search of the meaning of this haven; life

I swam the depths of the sea
and asked the mermaid
“what is life?”
Her answer didn’t satisfy my quest.

The search of life, my friend,
The race we compete in daily,
Is futility, futility over futility,
Vanity dancing round insanity.

Life is a beautiful distraction,
Glistening and flickering with lies,
Life! An haven of sincere deceit.

But what is life? Where can its happiness abound,
when stripped naked of its disguise,
Friend, what is life?

When lives delves into the journey of life,
Does it abound in the shade of a vicegerent?
Does it revolve around materialism?
Or tell me, perhaps it chants the poem of sweetness?

And the only route to happiness,
In this dark tunnel called life is contentment,
my friend, satisfaction in His decree,
Happiness hides too, in making others happy.

Life is a puzzle,
I keep chanting;
No grey hairs has solved this puzzle yet,
Happiness and life are two opposite angles,
Doing things right magnetize them together.

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