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‘Ocean Pangaea’ and other poems by Karoline Wimmer

By: Karoline Wimmer

Ocean Pangaea

Her gaze softens
as the last tide
through the one desire of
heat ocean.
She recalls a moment
lighting the fire of
those burdened dunes,
faces of those loved.
Flash, the photograph
that cannot end.
As the last tide sends ripples through
the ocean of all things lost,
the salty tear drops fall
splendidly on the parched sand,
she thinks that the ends of the world
must have come together for nothing other than
to fall apart.
Little crystal fragments
scatter all into the ocean
washing away all once had, all once lost,
so that in the end she thought,
I think I can finally understand Pangaea.


The Dark Embrace

The comfort of the dark embrace
doesn’t disturb the sleeping face.
Long before the rise of dawn,
when night copulated with moon
and had star children
did the dark embrace sweep
what was left of sweet innocence.
She narrowed the stream of light,
nothing but the hollowness of the world
desperate for the desire for all
supplemented by the nectar of passion.
Long after the dark embrace leaves
she will wait, like the faithful soldier’s
wife who knows he will never return.
It was then that the world suddenly
opened, regurgitating pebbles of the long
condemned hate.
She will never know what happened
that time,
when night copulated with moon
and had star children,
and all that was left,
never to remain.


Night dancing

When the gentle breeze
sings the melody
of a hot night’s
then, for the first time,
we’ll feel the song
of the hidden
flute against
the backdrop of a senseless
so that one by one
the fish twirl in the
sacred dance under
the guidance of
a suspicious moonlight.



A deep breath
followed by a heavy sigh
releases with one sweet gust
humanity’s vices – greed, lust, hatred,
out wandering in silence until
the river pit, like a hawk
swoops in to grab it
licking them into cries of
despair until
one thing becomes everything.
And all we hoped for
has finally come into
place, the small
little puzzle
in the endless pain.



The gentleness of the sweet summer’s night,
leaves me
unprotected in the desert of the eternity that cannot
Cold joints and aching fingers as frost kisses world
chocking the flowers to sleep
sending sobs from the willow,
and despair up the hill.

I feel that slowly my insides should dissolve
within me.
What joy is left in the desolate realm?
All I see are two rocks
somewhat intertwined, but still two rocks,
to sing my soul to passionate desire to
warm my fingers for gentle yearning.

I will watch them break, two rocks, pieces,
all over the ocean plain,
before being sucked in
to black,
so that nothing but memories
will remain.



When the empty shadows
merge with the first sign of dusk,
I wonder if they’ll see the love of a night,
the kiss of the universe,
when the moon mothers the
sea of stars.
And all along the earth shines like a humble firefly
against the backdrop of the mother moon.
If shadows merge can they still see
the secrets of two lovers meeting on a starry night?
Wild roses have nothing against this.
I hope that they’ll find
between the partition of two worlds
what God
will never give to the worms of the earth.



The river flows eternally,
unchallenged in her course.
Not stopping to hear the song of the blackbird, the sigh of the sky.
Thunderbolts, lighting, rain and hail stop her,
to no avail.
She never strays, nor closes her eyes for sleep.
But journeys till the night
until she weeps.

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