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‘Where I’m From’ and other poems by Vivian Yu

By: Vivian Yu

Where I’m From

I’m from sunshine,
from summer, shorts, and snacks.
I’m from the hot air that hugs me closely,
from the gentle breeze that takes my sweat away.
From the reflection of the May sun on morning dews,
also from the grass that I settle for a snooze.

I am from the sweet scent of “snow flower”,
from the smell of fresh dirt on my hair.
I am from the rain that gives me a shower,
from the rainbow with seven colors.

I’m from You’re dumb! and Stop saying that you’re stupid!
From the daily argument between me and my mom.
I’m from the horror
of putting my head underwater,
the giggles
when the coach finally said whatever.
I’m from the Lord is my shepherd,
and the word of our God endures forever.

I’m from the delicious smell of bread,
cake, and milk.
From the strawberries
that I never want to try,
but hate the most
I don’t know why.

In the depths of my heart
stores the most beautiful moments
that I never want to forget,
and will never forget.
The memories that imprinted on my mind
are the people
who was my everything,
and will always be my everything.



Compliments and insults blurred my world,
new phones or clothes,
all shows of wealth, such as money or meals,
popular video games that I don’t play,
enemies or fake friends that “care” about my days,
comments about my height that I’m afraid,
but they are not the me myself.

Above the surface stands who I truly am,
in God, health and happiness are my frames,
all the laziness that I share with my true friends,
food, music, and books I love,
grades and achievements that I’m proud of.

Nothing is more important than the life I’m living,
I will work hard for the future that I’m creating.
The rain will stop and fog will eventually be lifting,
during hardships you will find me here, singing.


Rose Monologue

Involve or exclude,
I’m always the latter.
In my version of this world,
love has been hidden.
My former bright red petals,
now completely colorless.

When the day is bright,
I try to come up with a method
that can resist loneliness.
But all I can accumulate
is my crystal teardrops.

Other roses told me,
no injury without expectation.
That’s probably why
I acquire hurt so easily.

Little prince,
did you omit me?
Why did you just leave me
on this planet that loneliness rules?
Come back,
please come back,
I don’t want to be the omission.



Oh, butterfly,
do you remember
those summertimes?
When the sky’s the limit
where your wings can fly?

Oh, butterfly,
I wish I could go
back in time.
Go back to those
wild and carefree time
that are
No longer mine.

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