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‘The Paradoxes in Life’ and other poems by Mark O. Decker

By: Mark O. Decker

The Paradoxes in Life

Every ugliness,
has its corresponding beauty;
Every lie,
its reciprocal truth;
This matters to those
who can see two ways
at once;
To those, who can see
the many paradoxes in life, and
in nature;
I know that, somewhere,
there are those who care;
I know that, someday,
they will make themselves known.


Dead Sparrow Sing

Fly away dead sparrow,
fly away;
Downed by a golden arrow,
you came from the soul
of a sentimental fool,
now, go back to your meeker self;
Tie my hands, and if I bellow
loosen them, and I will sigh;
Free me, and
I will fluctuate between
earth and the deep blue sky;
Give me dignity for each vacancy
in my life, and
I will give you words
which spell the wind.


It All Comes Back

A poet asks the world,
why pass your time idly
while the clouds and stars
above you breeze by,
a poet asks a friend,
why do you frown
while peace and harmony exist,
Look at the trees, the grass, rich earth;
Yes, the trees lose their leaves for winter,
but regain them in the spring, and
grass’s deep green color fades, but
comes back;
They come back;
It all comes back.


For the Love of Country

See the people reveling in the streets,
those who speak with kindness,
gladness and civility,
are touched by freedom and the gift of life;
These people, these wonderful Americans,
have hearts as big, or small, as need be,
they want to keep a mighty legacy alive;
Don’t we know them well, you and I,
they are our dearest loved ones, our families,
our favored friends and acquaintances,
people we see in our daily doings;
I look at them, and feel a deep pride, and joy;
Each of us harbor secret fears and dreams,
we all want to believe that our progeny
will live an even better, more fulfilling life;
So, my fellow Americans,
there are many who understand;
We can solve even the most
insurmountable problems, and,
we will.

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