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‘Mirages’ and other poems by Ken W. Simpson

By: Ken W Simpson


Impatiently we wait
for truth to overturn treachery
decency to defeat inhumanity
for eventual justice
when our nightmares disperse
and we can dream rapturously
of a fabulous future.



The second hand defines the hour
of each passing day
oblivious to a multitude of incidents
from arguments to embezzlements
or feelings of anger
from the beginning of life to its end.



The soothing sound of waves lapping
while the wind chuckles
at the seagulls wheeling
screeching in the blue expansive sky
smudged with the stains
of scudding wispy clouds
splayed ny rays from a dominant sun
godlike in the sky above
where mere mortals play
or lie and fry on their summer holiday.

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