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‘Boasting Bees’ n ‘Strangers’ by Wole Oyeboade

By: Wole Oyeboade

Boasting Bees

You sting us at worship
And scatter us in lordship
You fly away into hideout
Reactions , regrets, reigned for days
You insurgent bees
Hums hums hums

Boasting bees, the more the pain
The much the gain
You sting banks and parks
You return into our secret domain
Bulk of harm you cause
Bulk of ram you devour
Can you ever be caught?
The sting is more
The scream is sour
Yet are you boasting bees saints?

Bulk of harm
Your muscles flexed over schoolgirls
Fished off their knowledge citadel
None can wriggle off your stronghold
Or your hellish den escape
For yours are fingers kleptomaniac

Ocean of confusions
Is this worship or wickedness?
Inside your cave
All like slaves

Bulk of harm
Why the harm ?
Bulk of harm done with charm

Hums hurting bees !
Bulk of harm fond of arms
Yet we are worshipers not sorcerers
Hums hurting bees

Oh bees made in His image !
Is your abode above?
Or a lair at Sambisa forest?
Where else but in the chest
Far up Northern Nigeria
A centre of human unrests

Your harm has made alarms
For earth to see
Your wealth of wickedness
Soonest you boast your grave
Graved by cave the tide is turned
For the souls enslaved.



Dreadful stranger
Welcome from China!
How ravaged is Wuhan ?
Your birthplace?
Inside your briefcase are packages of untidiness
How innocent is your intention?
Of visiting our nation?

Daunting stranger
At first glare you are anonymous
At later gaze you are famous
You are simply invisible
Sorely invicible
Like a soldier known for danger
Roar anger amplifiies your anger
But why this rage on all these races?

Dogged stranger
We first thought your trip is to some tribes
But we are dazed
On your arrival
Nations become rivals
States stated their sacredness
All putting sublime surveillance
To maintain health balance

Sinister stranger
At your debut strike
Waves of woes engulfed the world
Wanton regrets even from the Lord
Silence married resilience
But only pseudo panacea accessed
For the people oppressed

Multitude houses and hapless
Grouses became countless
Relief recoursed griefs
Money goes for misadventures
Commoners chorus fouls
Hope killed, and respite buried

Special stranger
You lull sport to sleep
Fans famished
Funds frittered
Desolation designated stadium
Scarce action suspends emotions
Referee relaxed
Is not this new world a trip?

Oh stranger
Your arrival move monarchs
Governments of the nations groan
Sage turned fake
Sense of suspicion soars
Barriers on borders bielabour
What about the death tolls?
At different convalescent centres
Hell can not be better named!

Sheer stranger
Are you a diffident or destroyer?
Are you independent or dependent?
In proxy your operation of devastation
sick men to strangle from their angle
Now your visit is a deficit
Wishing you an abrupt bad bye!

Sudden stranger
But you are just a stranger
With transient companionship
We in triple objections
Globalize our voices
To say stranger goooo!


Wole Oyeboade was born in Iganna, Oyo State of Nigeria. He studied English Education at the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo university, Ile Ife, Osun State, Nigeria. His Master’s degreen I English Language was bagged from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He is a prolific writer and public speaker. Some of his works include, Operation Ede Oyinbo Ole, Point of Sameness etc. He’s happily married with the fruit of marriage.

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