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‘Mother Nature’ and other poems by Kenya Jimenez

By: Kenya Jimenez

Mother Nature

My eyes love watching the lavish pink sunsets with
patches of purple, but I truly fall in love at night
gazing at the bright stars and crescent white moon.
I listen to the sound of the ocean waves and the birds
singing hello to each other in the morning
that gives me a dose of inner peace.
The evocative fragrance of roses and
sweet petrichor after the roaring thunderstorm,
it is the best scent I know.
My hands and feet touch dirt and soil,
the ground that carries my body, which
experiences Mother Nature physically and spiritually.



I want to crawl out of my skin,
wishing I lived near the ocean
where clear blue waters
will carry my burdens.
Feeling emotionally numb
but also panicking,
how is that possible?
I have no answer. Imagining
I could undergo a metamorphosis
from sad woman to free bird to
fly far away from this monstrous
anxiety and emptiness
that consumes me.


Cloudy Mornings

Cloudy mornings,
there is something so
comforting about them.
Sitting outside,
sipping a cup of hot coffee,
listening to the light thunderstorm,
I truly welcome this moment.

Cloudy mornings,
it is not always this way.
Feeling the emptiness,
drowning in sorrow,
trying not to cry out loud,
I truly despise this moment.


Falling in Love
It was a day filled with joy
wondering around the vineyard
holding your hand, drinking red wine,
feeling like the luckiest woman alive,
thinking we were made for each other
I was falling in love with you


Deep Wounds – About Eating Disorders

Unaware of bad habits as a little girl,
the compulsive overeating,
the loneliness and self loathing,
eating lots and lots of food
hoping to fill the void
but always unsuccessful,
my figure, I found it repulsive,
I was a young child
desiring beauty, thinness.
It should have never been this way.

Caterpillar transforms into a butterfly,
achieved thinness through anorexia,
maintained desirable figure
binge eating, starving, over exercising,
what an addictive cycle.
This is not about beauty,
maybe it never was,
perhaps, I believed fixing the outside
would magically heal the inside.
No one taught me how
to heal my deep wounds.

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