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‘Letter to my hater’ and other poems by Umar YB

By: Umar YB


Take these words in a way
That’s okay to you
They carry the truth
I wish you knew:
All waters and the winds,
The constelletions afar,
Greens, marines, mammals,
And birds of all feather
And I, love one another.

My dear foe, my dear hater!
You fly in my balm
You stone in my bread
You locust in my farm…
How do you carry
Your weighted heart?
How do you survive the gall
Boiling in your deepest part,
How on earth, how on earth?!

I love you still, you who plots my fall,
For my kind of love is for one and all.



Every strike
Of my blade;
Every flight of

Every lifting
Of the shield;
Every dust raised
In the field…

Every neigh
Of my gelding
Gives a loud
Ominous heralding

O every charge
Of the feet
Is a rush
Toward defeat!



Mine own houri,
Here’s an invite
To my garden
For a respite.
May we relish
A certain day
Under trees that
Leisurely sway;
Greens and yellows —
All kinds of hue —
Roses and lilies
Bathed in dew!
Come on here
In impish glee
Let’s make some
Wild memory…
Feels that will
Forever stay
After the visit
You pay.
Let us stroll
Hand in hand
Through the paths
Of this wonderland
Flare nostrils and
Roam our eyes
On dancing blooms
And butterflies..
Pick and munch
On mellow fruits
That dangle just
Above the roots;
Amid soft songs
And wafting scent,
What sweet hours
Wil be spent
By me and you
In the garden
Like Eve & Adam
In the Eden!

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