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By: Alan Berger

A mean drunk some of the time
A body and mind of loveliness most of the time
Her love will never be mine

We all have our addictions
All are sublime
Some we kick
Most we can’t lick
Which is fine
She is mine

A beautiful person
With a heart hot as ice
Someone you would not want to mess with
Someone who does not think twice

The merit can wait
Until the right situation
Love and hate
Come from the same plate

Time with her is like flying
Everything else is fast standing still
The pleasure and excitement
Of losing your will

You think you know someone, and you don’t
You think some ones loves you, and they won’t
And even through
They are too good at being coy
While what is behind it is underemployed

Being with her is like flying
Everything else is grinding

A waterfall and a cloud of beauty
Tunes my moral compass
To its call of duty
But it does not remain long
Until another fresh tune comes along

Then there is this girl
Who is and isn’t
You never know
Her exact existence

Any contemporary woman
Knows vanity when she sees it
How far can you go with the racket they call,” Believe in it” ?

There is the way that she cares
And the way she never will
I can stare at her forever and a day
As she goes out without me to play

I’m going to lay down for a little bit
And everything will be ok
When I pick it up again, something will come my way

Man am I ever down
Different territory but the same old story

Man am I beat
Different address on the same one-way street

Man am I dead
No I’m not
I’ll begin again
You just wait till get my second wind

On my way
To return what I bought
Until I think
Of another afterthought

A lovely peachy person
All of the time
As long as the locations
Are only in my mind

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